Manners and Obedience

Obedience training in Hampton Roads

Manners and Obedience Training

Dog training has evolved in exciting ways! With rewards-based positive reinforcement training. Your dog will soon successfully attend to you and be able to focus and respond to your cues even in distracting environments, showing off his manners and obedience. Build an incredible relationship with your dog while taking manners and obedience skills to a new level with the expert training team at Freak on a Leash. You will be amazed by the progress we can make together using methods backed by science and a holistic approach to training.

Group Classes or In Home Training for Manners and Obedience?

We offer in home manners and obedience training as well as a variety of group classes in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Topics covered in our classes include introducing and refining skills such as polite leash walking, coming when called, giving attention around distractions and being able to settle. View and sign up for classes here!

Classes are a wonderful way to receive lots of education and socialization opportunities at a low price! If you prefer an even more personalized approach in the comfort of your own home, please consider our private in home training packages.

All Your Training Needs

We offer a variety of training options to fit your lifestyle, including group classes and in home training sessions. Busy lifestyle or can’t fit in regular training sessions? We also offer a day training option. A trainer will work with your dog one-on-one for a set number of sessions to reach your goals, ending with two follow up sessions to transfer the skills to you.

Whether you have just brought home a puppy, shelter dog or even inherited a dog unexpectedly, our goal is to help you build a strong connection with your new family member. Whatever your training needs, we are here to coach and educate you on setting the stage for you and your dog to enjoy life together in harmony.

Has Your Dog Become Unruly?

Foundational skills are the beginning of helping to correct any behavior problem. Learning the techniques of communicating with your dog without the use of force, intimidation, and devices that suppress behavior will give both you and your dog tools that will last a lifetime. Whether your goal is taking your dog to your kids soccer games or becoming the next agility star, skills like loose leash walking, settling in any environment and building a solid recall will help you to get there.

Training Takes Dedication and Time

The payoff is the special bond that will form between you and your dog as each of you learn and work together. Good training is a partnership between you and your dog and should be an enjoyable, enriching and rewarding experience for both of you. Let us help your dog become the companion you have been longing for!

“Andrea is such an outstanding positive trainer and always has great tips and tricks if you have problems or concerns you need help with.”


Manners Package


2 In Home Sessions

Manners Package


6 In Home Sessions

Manners Package


10 In Home Sessions

Ready to Start?

Schedule training with one of our trainers to help with your dog’s manners!

 We Can Help With

  • Loose leash walking
  • Overexcitement
  • Hypersocial behaviors
  • Coming when called
  • Polite greetings
  • Pulling on leash
  • Sit, Down, Stay
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stop counter surfing
  • And much more!
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