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We are committed to using only the most up to date training methods based on behavior science, which are found to be most effective and efficient in all animal learning. We will coach you and your dog with compassion, empathy and kindness using reward based training and guided by the principles of least intrusive, minimally aversive (LIMA) in all of our techniques. You can have a well-behaved dog without harsh training methods. Let us show you how!

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Get qualified help for any challenge you face with your pup! Our dog trainers are professional, skilled, educated in behavior, and use humane and kind ways to coach you and your best friend. We’d love to talk to you!

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We specialize in everything from foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs to advanced obedience. We can help with fear, anxiety, and aggression. Our goal is to make life easier for you and your pets!

You will love our training classes and so will your canine! From puppy kindergarten to behavior training, good manners are only a click away.

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What Others Are Saying!

Based on 110 reviews
Rebecca Lear
Rebecca Lear
Freak On A Leash is incredible! They paired us up with the perfect person (Karen) to work with us and our golden retriever. Masiey is on her way to her CGC and eventually a cerified therapy dog thanks to FOAL !!!!!!
Liz T
Liz T
Started Great start puppy class 2 weeks ago with Cate Law who is awesome - she is patient, kind, has a sense of humor and most of all knowledgeable … I have had trainers in the distant past who made me and my dog feel bad .. freak on a leash is great thank you
I recently got a 9-month old cairn terrier and I knew I needed some guidance about training him to have basic manners - these little guys, while very sweet and adorable, can be stubborn and if not given a clear set of expectations, their behavior can get out of control easily. I contacted Freak On a Leash after seeing they had given puppy classes at my vet’s office. Based on my goals and type of training I was looking for, they recommend Karen Adams and their Basic Manners classes. And it has been a wonderful experience! Karen has walked me through a series of training steps beginning with the basics of sit, stay, the ever important “recall”, how to keep him from jumping on people, and other tips and suggestions to keep my puppy Jimmy engaged and learning. Perhaps even more importantly, Karen has helped me “retrain” my own actions to adjust from having older, settled dogs to having this energetic puppy, and gives me great feedback and encouragement. I could not have asked for a better trainer or program. Jimmy and I are progressing nicely! I highly recommend Freak On a Leash!
Beau Brown
Beau Brown
Really wonderful training and feeling great after 1 session!
Gina Hagan
Gina Hagan
Cate was wonderful. Very patient, not judgemental and full of good ideas.
Jack Spillane
Jack Spillane
I found Freak On A Leash while looking for help with our Velociraptor GSD. We have just finished our second series of classes and the transformation has been amazing. Our class was taught by Cate Law and she has been extremely helpful in our journey. Cate obviously enjoys what she does and is able to successfully guide the owner through the training process. In the course of our training, I have also had wonderful interactions with the owner, Andrea Marx, and trainers Cheryl Shomo and Tai Alexander. I can recommend Freak On a Leash for anyone looking to have a well trained dog.
Mildred Bunting
Mildred Bunting
I love Freak On A Leash! When my kennel club advised me to put my baby down, they helped us get back on track. Thanks Andrea Marx and Keri Bagley! We love you Keri!
Robert Toney
Robert Toney
I used to live on Sandoval .they totally understand what you think is going to be important for you and your pooch.
Kelly Hoyle
Kelly Hoyle
Andrea helped us so much! Almost a year now after having our meeting, our pup's separation anxiety has all but left the building. With her quick, knowledgeable, actually HELPFUL advice, we were able to put into place the tools our guy needed to feel safe and comfortable by himself. He went from barking non-stop, panting, pacing, and howling while we were gone to actually enjoying his toys, treats, and time gazing out the windows watching the squirrels. If you are needing a quick question answered or are at your wits end with a behavioral issue, don't hesitate to contact Freak On A Leash and get the guidance you're looking for!

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