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Why Choose Our Dog Training Services in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake?

Commitment. We are committed to ethical, compassionate, welfare-based dog training based on the latest in behavior science.

Local. We have been locally owned and operated for over 10 years. We are not a franchise.

Certified. The dog training industry is an unregulated field. Rest assured of our capabilities by our many certifications through independent credentialing organizations.

Transparency in practice. We are transparent in our training methods and take pride in our techniques, rooted in the evolving field of animal learning and rewards-based training.

Honesty. Beware of companies that make blanket guarantees about training outcomes. It is not possible to guarantee the behavior of another living being.

Ongoing support. We are committed to your success. Check out our Google reviews from our many satisfied clients!

Our Services

We specialize in everything from foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs to advanced obedience. We can help with fear, anxiety, and aggression. Our goal is to make life easier for you and your pets!

You will love our training classes and so will your canine! From puppy kindergarten to behavior training, good manners are only a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background of your trainers?

Our trainers are certified professionals with extensive hands-on experience in animal behavior and have undergone rigorous educational programs. Most of our trainers are also certified through an independent, accredited credentialing body or are actively working toward certification, ensuring that our clients are receiving the highest quality services available.

What types of training methods do you use?

We utilize positive reinforcement techniques, which focus on engaging your dog as a willing partner in the training process through the use of rewards and encouragement. Our goal is always to foster a supportive, effective training environment for both the human and the pet.

What types of training programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of training options, including puppy training, manners and obedience training, and behavior modification to address behavioral challenges.

What is the duration and frequency of training sessions?

Individual training sessions are typically around 60 minutes. We usually recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions initially. The total number of sessions needed varies depending on the issues being addressed and your dog’s progress.

How much do your training programs cost?

Pricing varies according to program type and length. Contact us for detailed pricing information.

Group classes or private sessions: What’s available?

We offer both! Our group classes are geared toward basic manners training and socialization, while private sessions provide more focused, individualized training for specific behavior issues or to teach basic skills.

When can puppies start training classes?

Puppies can start classes as soon as 7 days after they’ve received their initial vaccinations, as early as 8 weeks old.

What are some tips for reinforcing behaviors at home?

Consistency is key. We provide ongoing guidance and support for practicing and reinforcing skills learned during private training sessions, as well as support between sessions.

What should I bring to training sessions?

A leash, treats, and your dog’s favorite toy are usually recommended. Specific details will be provided based on the training program.

Do you offer breed-specific programs?

We specialize in all breeds and offer tailored training to meet the specific needs of your dog, regardless of breed.

How do you manage aggressive or fearful dogs?

We offer specialized approaches for dogs with these behaviors, focusing on building confidence while ensuring safety for all involved.

Can family members attend training?

Yes, family involvement is encouraged to ensure consistency in training and reinforcement.

What safety and health measures do you follow for group class training?

Safety is our top priority. We follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure a safe, controlled environment for all dogs.

Do you tailor training to the individual dog’s needs?

Absolutely. Our training programs are always based on your dog’s specific needs, ensuring the most effective training approach.

Are you certified and insured?

We are fully insured and are certified through independent, recognized professional dog training organizations.

Do you keep up with modern training techniques and theories?

Our trainers regularly attend workshops and seminars to stay current on the latest in the science of animal training, learning and behavior.

Do you guarantee your outcomes?

Every dog is unique. While we strive for and often achieve specific goals set at the beginning of the training program, it is unethical to provide guarantees about behavior results. What we can guarantee is exceptional customer service, expert training services, and a commitment to positive reinforcement training methods, as well as our commitment to empathetically help clients seeking relief, change and improvement. 

We're flattered that you want to know more. Still have questions? We've got answers. Email us or give us a call.
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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients!

Based on 130 reviews
Beth Papworth
Beth Papworth
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Great experience. This is my third dog training organization in the area and by far the best. Dedicated, skilled instructors and a great new facility. Loved the personal care. Loved the field trips. Two thumbs up.
Dee Mckendrick
Dee Mckendrick
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I wish I could give you all 10 stars. Andrea is an amazing person and trainer. She loves what she does. She has compassion and patience and she never makes you feel uncomfortable and Pickles and myself look forward to our sessions. I 100% recommend Freak on a Leash.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
The class was fantastic! Toni was very professional, gave great directions and valuable feedback. I liked Scent Class 2 so much that I signed up for Scent Class 3.
Laurie Sudo
Laurie Sudo
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Such a fun class, Intro to Urban Rat Hunting. Keri was a great instructor. My dogs really enjoyed it!
cupcake eater
cupcake eater
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Professional and knowledgeable dog trainer.
Wendy Hay
Wendy Hay
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Lovely new facility , amazing instructors and great value for the money! Highly recommend!
Sherry Walters
Sherry Walters
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Instructor is awesome! Fun class.
Peter Turbide
Peter Turbide
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Great classes with awesome instructors

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