Group Classes

Chow chow Canine Good citizen training

Why take one of our Group Classes?

Group classes at Freak On A Leash provide socialization, manners training around new people and dogs, enrichment, training for various competitive dog sports, and above all the opportunity to learn skills in a fun and supportive environment. Group classes are the perfect way to enrich your dog’s life, enhance their well-being, and keep your dog mentally and physically fit.

Does your dog already know the basics but only listens in your own home? Group classes are a great start to helping your dog learn to listen everywhere and be calm in various settings around people and other dogs.

Great Start Puppy

It’s never too early to start puppy training! Our puppy classes are for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months and will teach you how to best communicate with your new companion.

Modern professional trainers and veterinarians value the importance of early, safe socialization in a puppy’s life.  Structured classes provide opportunities for your puppy to safely socialize with other pups and people, and our open enrollment class format allows for a quick start.

You’ll receive information on all your puppy raising questions including house training, chewing, and the most effective ways to teach practical life skills. Class topics include loose leash walking, recall, settling and stationary behaviors, grooming and handling, and polite behaviors around food. Our instructors use kind and humane rewards-based training techniques to get your pup listening happily to whatever you are asking.

We require age appropriate DHPP (Distemper/Parvo) vaccines for puppy class, along with Rabies if over 4 months. Puppy classes are held at Healing with Heart Veterinary Care and Pet Supplies Plus in Virginia Beach, and our facility at 2536 Centerville Turnpike South in Chesapeake, VA.

Continuing Your Dog’s Education

In order to successfully grow from puppyhood into adulthood your dog must continue to explore new places, learn how to control themselves when emotions take over, and tackle real life challenges while building confidence and trust in their humans. Watching your dog learning the skills to confidently navigate life (while having fun!) is an amazing feeling.

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Basic Manners…and Beyond!

Our Basic Manners and Beyond Basic Manners classes are the next steps after puppy class. They also serve as the initial training classes for adolescent and adult dogs. Our classes are small, typically 4-5 dogs and handlers, allowing for more individualized attention. Skills covered in Basic Manners include polite leash walking, sit, down, stay, come and how to handle common issues such as pulling and jumping.

Does your dog already know the basics but you want to continue improving skills? Have you taken a basic obedience class but need to refine loose leash walking, stay or recall? Want to work on maintenance of your dog’s existing skills? Beyond Basic Manners is an intermediate level training class that will further your abilities as a team. Manners classes are for dogs over 5 months old.

recall class at Birchwood Malibu Park in Virginia Beach

Canine Good Citizen Classes

Canine Good Citizen classes are geared towards dogs that are friendly towards people and neutral or friendly with other dogs.

We offer Canine Good Citizen classes in a variety of outdoor locations in Virginia Beach, such as Mount Trashmore and Town Center, as well as at our Chesapeake facility. You will learn how to keep your dog’s attention and focus on you in an environment with distractions. You will learn all about the Canine Good Citizen test and the requirements needed to earn the title of CGC. Instructors are AKC evaluators, approved to hold Canine Good Citizen tests and evaluate your dog. For more information about CGC testing, please visit https://www.akc.org/products-services/training-programs/canine-good-citizen.

After the CGC, increase the difficulties and distraction training for your dog through our Hounds Around Town and Canine Street Smarts classes! These classes teach the skills needed to earn the Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) and the Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGCU) titles, respectively.

Want your dog to be a Therapy Dog?


Our classes are the perfect stepping stone to get there.

Therapy dogs have the skills and training to provide comfort, not just to their owners or handlers, but to other individuals. They often work in group settings such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, disaster zones, or other places where people need encouragement or a mental health break. Therapy dogs may also serve in therapeutic settings such as outpatient therapy providers, or in professional counseling offices.

For novice dogs or owners, we recommend the Basic Manners series or Canine Good Citizen classes as a first step to Therapy Dog prep class. Dogs with sufficient prior training are welcome to join Therapy Dog classes directly. We also organize and hold Therapy Dog certification testing through Pet Partners. Unsure of the next step for your dog? Contact us!

Therapy sheltie resting on child lap

What Other Classes Do We Offer?

Great Start Puppy and Basic Manners classes are offered regularly. Canine Good Citizen classes (Good Dogs in the City, Hounds Around Town CGCA, and Canine Street Smarts CGCU) are offered every other month. Specialty classes such as Dog Sports Foundations, Rally, Scent Work, Parkour, Canine Fitness, Disc Dog, Therapy Dog and Tricks classes are not offered on a set schedule, so be sure to sign up when they are available.

We strive to offer a wide variety of classes! Have a class suggestion? Contact us!

Scent work trial Chase and Toni

Scent Work Classes

The main objective of scent work classes is to teach dogs how to search for and locate the presence of a target odor. Specific scents used in AKC Scent Work trials are used. Scent work taps into a dog’s natural ability to use their nose and enhance their olfactory skills. 

Dogs are trained to use their sense of smell to locate the target odor in various environments. They learn to discriminate between different odors and develop the ability to track and follow scent trails. Scent work classes utilize a variety of materials and techniques such as distractors and different search scenarios to provide dogs with a challenging and engaging learning experience.

Scent work classes are not only mentally stimulating for dogs but can also be a great form of exercise and enrichment. They help dogs build confidence, focus, and problem-solving skills while strengthening the bond with their handler. Scent work classes are a fun and rewarding activity for both dog and owner!


Tricks Classes

Why take a Tricks class?

Learning tricks engages your dog’s mind and provides mental stimulation. Dogs must learn new behaviors, follow cues, and solve problems to perform tricks successfully. This mental exercise can prevent boredom and keep your dog mentally sharp.

As your dog learns and masters new tricks, they gain a sense of accomplishment and become more confident. This confidence can extend to other areas of their life and help to overcome fears or anxieties. Tricks training can boost a dog’s self-esteem and overall confidence.

Teaching your dog tricks can impress and entertain others. Whether you’re performing tricks at home, in a park, or in front of an audience, tricks can be a great source of enjoyment for both you and those watching. Tricks are fun way to showcase your dog’s talents and abilities.

Tricks training can also reinforce basic obedience skills. Many tricks require dogs to follow basic cues such as sit, stay, lie down, or come. By practicing these cues in a different context, your dog becomes more responsive and reliable in their obedience skills.

Tricks training provides both mental and physical exercise for your dog. Learning and practicing tricks requires concentration, coordination, and physical movements. Performing tricks can help burn off excess energy and keep your dog physically fit.


Black lab puppy holding red dumbell
Rally class with golden Border Collie

Rally Obedience

Rally obedience is a canine sport combining elements of traditional obedience training with a more interactive and dynamic approach. In a Rally obedience class, dogs and their handlers navigate a course consisting of various stations or signs that indicate different exercises to be performed. The exercises may include heeling, sit, down, stay, recalls, turns and more.

As you navigate the course with your dog, you’ll learn to communicate effectively, trust each other, and work as a team. This can enhance the overall relationship and understanding between you and your dog.

Rally obedience classes can be a great way to reinforce and refine your dog’s obedience training. The exercises in Rally focus on precision, control, and responsiveness to cues. By participating in a Rally class, you can fine-tune obedience skills such as heeling, sits, downs, and recalls. The structured nature of Rally can help you and your dog achieve better obedience both inside and outside of class.

dog agility classes at Freak On A Leash in Chesapeake,VA


Dog agility training has gained immense popularity in recent years as a fun and exciting way to exercise and bond with your pup. Whether you have a high-energy pup or a senior dog who needs mental stimulation, agility training provides a great outlet for their energy and a platform to showcase their skills. Agility classes offer a structured environment where dogs learn obedience skills while navigating through various obstacles and courses. 

  • Dog agility training is a fun and engaging way to exercise and bond with your dog.
  • It helps improve your dog’s confidence, body awareness, and mental stimulation.
  • Our Agility classes focus on teaching teamwork.
  • Dogs of all breeds and ages can participate in agility training.
  • Our instructors have participated successfully in dog agility for years and know the best way to train skills to you and your dog.
  • Choosing the right agility class and preparing your dog for training are essential for a successful agility journey.


Beginner Disc Dogging

What you’ll learn in our Frisbee Classes 

Proper technique: Our Disc dog classes teach you the proper throwing techniques and handling skills needed for disc dog activities. You’ll learn how to throw discs accurately, adjust your throws for different distances, and use different types of throws (forehand, backhand, etc.). Learning correct techniques from the start can help you and your dog have a successful and enjoyable disc experience.

Safety: Instructors will guide you on proper disc selection, avoiding injuries, and preventing common mistakes that could harm you or your dog. You’ll also learn how to read your dog’s body language, ensuring you are both playing safely and comfortably.

Foundation skills: We’ll cover all basic training skills important for disc dog activities, including teaching your dog to catch a disc, retrieve it, and return it to you. You’ll learn how to build a strong foundation for disc training, including focus, impulse control, and recall, which are essential for success in disc dog competitions or freestyle routines.

Building confidence: Your dog will learn to associate the disc with positive experiences and rewards, which will boost their enthusiasm and motivation to participate in disc sports or activities.

Each dog’s abilities and interests may vary, so it’s important to assess your dog’s suitability for these activities before enrolling in a class. If your dog has any physical ailments, contact your vet before signing up to make sure this class is an appropriate fit.

Black and white Chihuahua with purple small frisbee
A mix of scent work and Barn hunt. Urban Rat Hunting classes at Freak On A Leash dog training in Chesapeake

What is Urban Rat Hunting?

Urban Rat Hunting is a thrilling canine sport that allows your dog to tap into their natural instincts. In a controlled and safe environment, dogs learn to locate, identify, and indicate the presence of rats. This activity channels natural prey drive and provides a mentally stimulating challenge that can be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Important: Urban Rat Hunting classes prioritize the safety and welfare of both the dogs and the rats involved! The classes are structured with safety measures in place to ensure that the dogs cannot harm the rats, and that the rats are not put under undue stress.

Why try Urban Rat Hunting?

Mental and Physical Stimulation: These classes offer a unique opportunity for dogs to engage their minds and bodies. As they navigate through obstacles and search for rats, they exercise their problem-solving abilities and physical agility, providing a well-rounded mental and physical workout.

Instinctual Fulfillment: Dogs have a natural instinct to hunt and track prey. Urban Rat Hunting allows them to channel these instincts in a controlled setting, satisfying natural drives and providing a sense of fulfillment.

Bonding Experience: Urban Rat Hunting classes strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Working as a team, you’ll develop trust, communication, and coordination skills. This shared experience will deepen your connection with your dog and enhance your relationship.

Fun and Excitement: Urban Rat Hunting is an exhilarating activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. The thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction when successful creates a rewarding and entertaining experience for all.

Suitable for All Breeds: Whether you have a small terrier or a larger working breed, your dog can participate in this sport and showcase their unique skills and abilities.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the training process, ensuring safety, effectiveness, and a lot of fun!

Group Classes Help With

  • Mental stimulation
  • Improving focus
  • Socialization
  • Distraction training
  • Acclimating to a variety of environments
  • Polite greetings
  • Manners out and about
  • Overexcitement
  • Hypersocial behaviors
  • Service Dog training
  • Public Access training
  • Walking politely on leash
  • Canine Good Citizen prep
  • Therapy Dog prep
  • And much more!

All Group Classes