Puppy Train and Play

yellow labrador puppy under a chair

Train and Play

 A full-service learning program to boost your puppy’s skills and long term quality of life!

A puppy’s early weeks and months in a new home are often characterized by unintentional reinforcement of unwanted behavior. Behavior issues can be the result, which typically do not begin to be addressed until the puppy is much older and more out of control.

Puppy Train and Play teaches puppies to enjoy learning and provides training that is proactive rather than reactive. We build a solid foundation that is passed on to you, preventing frustration for both you and your puppy and setting the stage for a lifetime of confidence and good behavior. The best time to invest in your dog’s training is during puppyhood.

Junior dog trainer Zoey wit Westie puppy in Chesapeake, VA

 How Does it Work?

We meet your puppy’s fundamental needs so you get a calm puppy at home.

Puppy Train and Play is a 4 hour program at our facility providing foundational skills training, enrichment, and socialization. Puppies receive individual 1:1 training sessions throughout their stay as well as appropriate socialization and playtime with well-matched puppies. They are also provided with regular potty breaks (including learning to potty on cue) and opportunities for outdoor exploration.

Our program is run by certified professional trainers.

Our location is 2536 Centerville Turnpike South, Chesapeake VA. The facility is sanitized regularly with Rescue

core skills we train in Train and play sessions
requirements to partcipate in Train and Play

Pricing and Package Options

Single session (4 hours) – $249

4 sessions – $229 per session

8 sessions – $199 per session

12 sessions – $179 per session

yellow lab puppy

We Are Unique!

What sets us apart from other programs?

  • Puppies receive a strong foundation in learning, basic skills, conditioning to handling, and acclimation to husbandry behaviors (grooming, ear and eye cleaning, nail trims), socialization tailored to their individual needs, and a start on house training.
  • Small groups. Spots are limited, allowing us to give our full attention and training time to every puppy.
  • Puppies learn fast! We capitalize on this by making sure they are learning the right things for a successful life with you.

Will My Puppy Be Perfect After the Program?


Learning happens all the time, not just when your puppy is with us! We teach appropriate and desirable behaviors during your puppy’s stay and will provide you with resources on how to keep these behaviors going. Consistency is important in keeping skills solid. Train and Play clients receive videos, photos, and training handouts!

Benefits of Puppy Train and Play


  • Your puppy’s environment is set up for success through immediate reinforcement of correct choices.
  • Consistency and clarity! In early training, consistency and clarity are key to future learning. Lack of these can create confusion which can lead to behavior issues.
  • We reduce frustration in learning by building bridges of communication (by use of marker word or clicker). Strong mechanical skills and good timing facilitate quick, error-free learning.
  • Protocols to prevent future behavior issues are built into the program.
  • Awareness of any “red flags” such as tendencies toward overarousal, timidity, or early signs of resource guarding. These can be addressed before they can become chronic behavior problems.
  • Ability to tailor the program to the puppy and family’s specific goals and lifestyle.
trainer in class with board and train
“Thank you! Everyone has been watching your videos and they have been super helpful! He has learned so much in such a short time!”


Puppy Camper Marley the Westie in Chesapeake with dog trainer Cheryl