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If you’re the proud owner of a new puppy or adult dog, you may be wondering how to best help them develop good behaviors. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution—Canine Good Citizen (CGC) group classes! These classes are specifically designed to help your pup learn good manners and socialize with other dogs. Let’s take a closer look at what CGC classes have to offer.

CGC class

What is CGC?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) created the Canine Good Citizen program in 1989, and it has since become the gold standard for dog behavior training.  The AKC CGC classes are designed to teach responsible pet ownership and basic canine manners. This 8-week training program seeks to recognize dogs who can demonstrate good manners at home and in public settings. Topics covered in class include sit and stay commands, loose leash walking, greeting strangers, appropriate public behavior and more! In order to become an official AKC CGC recipient, a dog must pass 10 specific test items that evaluate basic obedience, such as sitting on command, staying in place when asked, and walking nicely on a leash. Canine Good Citizen classes, or CGC classes, are in high demand across the country, with many organizations offering them.

Why Take a Group Class?

Group classes provide an excellent opportunity for your pup to practice their obedience skills in an environment surrounded by other dogs and people. They allow your pup to get used to different sights, sounds, and smells while they learn how to respond appropriately in these situations. Additionally, group classes can provide invaluable socialization opportunities that will help your pup become comfortable around strange dogs and people alike!

Canine Good Citizen Group Classes are a great way to socialize your dog and give them the opportunity to meet other dogs in a controlled environment. These classes are also a great way for owners to learn more about their dogs and how to better train them. Dogs that have already taken a Canine Good Citizen class can practice their skills and help newer dogs in the class learn the ropes. Whether you’re a new dog owner or an experienced one, these classes are a fun and informative way to spend time with your furry friend.

An added benefit of these types of classes is that it helps create new friendships both human and canine alike! It’s a fun opportunity for both you and your pup to have some quality time together amongst other people and pups with the same goals in mind. If you’re looking for a chance to meet new friends while teaching your dog how to be an awesome family member, CGC classes are perfect for you!

What Will My Dog Learn?

During these classes, your dog will learn basic obedience commands such as sit,” “stay,” “down,” and more. They’ll also work on walking calmly on a leash without pulling or trying to wander off. Most importantly, they’ll learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs while avoiding any aggressive posturing or barking that could lead to negative encounters with fellow canines. As you practice these skills together during class time and at home outside of class, you’ll be able to track your pup’s progress towards becoming an official AKC CGC recipient!

The test covers 10 different skills, from sitting politely when instructed and walking on a leash without pulling to coming when called and staying calm when approached by strangers. Completing the CGC test can also be beneficial for dogs that have behavior problems: it can give them confidence, help them learn basic obedience commands, and reward their progress by making it a positive experience. Once both the owner and canine have achieved success in passing the 10 sections of the CGC test, they’ll have earned recognition as a certified Canine Good Citizen!

Dogs who pass the CGC test receive a certificate from the AKC

It’s always exciting to accomplish something special with our furry friends, and the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is one way to do just that. Passing the CGC test requires a dog to demonstrate that it can behave appropriately in a variety of common situations. Training prior to taking the test is important, but once your pup has passed, you’ll be rewarded by the American Kennel Club with an official CGC certificate for all their hard work. That certification serves as proof of your pet’s good manners and demonstrates to potential landlords or employers that your pup knows how to behave in public places. Whether you pass or fail, every step taken towards attaining this certification shows dedication and progress towards understanding training and canine behavior.

CGC classes are a great way to socialize your dog and teach them good manners

In conclusion, the Canine Good Citizen program is an excellent way for dog owners to ensure that their four-legged friends learn good manners and can interact harmoniously with others.The classes are designed to help teach your pup essential doggy manners, and working toward Canine Good Citizen certification is a great way to get your pup socialized and behaving their best.. Classes also give your dog the opportunity to learn how to interact with other dogs and people in a positive way. Canine God Citizen class

If you’re looking for a group class to help teach your pup good manners, the Canine Good Citizen program in Chesapeake may be the answer! The program will also help improve your relationship with your dog by instilling trust and respect.

If you’re interested in enrolling your pup in the Canine Good Citizen Program, sign up for classes with us today! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to give your dog the best societal education available. With our help, you will be able to give your furry family member the tools they need to become a proud certified Canine Good Citizen!

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