Golden Retriever

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Searching for an expert dog trainer for your Golden Retriever?

You have come to the right place! Freak On A Leash specializes in utilizing positive reinforcement methods to successfully train owners and their dogs.
These dogs are smart and enjoy relationship-based training. Our goal is to help them be the best they can be; with proper instruction and socialization, they’ll be obedient and an enjoyable companion without losing their fun personality you love so much. Freak On A Leash specializes in reward based training, with years of experience and amazing programs. We can’t wait to coach you with kindness and humane science based techniques that make sense to you, your dog and are also fun!
Golden Retriever are intelligent and without proper training can be hard to handle and sometimes frustrating to live with. Training and socializing are essential to make use of their unique talents and avoid destructive behavior. Fortunately, they learn quickly when properly motivated. Our training will make your pup the companion you've desired because we know how to motivate them to want to work for you instead of against you.
Golden retriever smiling

Golden Retriever Puppies vs. Adults

Start teaching your Golden Retriever puppy right away; they learn fast and do great with early education. Even if your dog is older or hasn’t had any prior training, Freak On A Leash can help. Education never ends, so you can teach any dog the behaviors you desire regardless of age.

We offer group classes and private in home dog training sessions around Hampton Roads. Sign up for classes or make an appointment with one of our professional dog trainers today!

In-Home Golden Retriever Training
Freak On A Leash offers specialized in-home training for both owners and dogs of any age. Working with a Golden Retriever and the owner directly in the home allows our dog trainers to create personalized training plans for individual dogs, as well as address any unique needs or behavior issues. You can start with in-home training and then move into group classes, if you like - Freak On A Leash offers both puppy and adult dog group classes.
Professional training at home will make you and your Golden Retriever feel safe and ready to learn new tasks quickly. Our training programs are made with you and your dog in mind. We can't wait to unlock your dog's potential and show you what a great dog he can be.
Positive reinforcement training
Our training programs are tailored to your dog and family. We prioritize the wellbeing of your dog, making sure that joy and harmony, not fear, are at the heart of the training. So, why wait? You've found the best Dog Trainer for your Golden Retriever! Your satisfaction is our priority and we promise to make training both fun and effective.

Dogs are intelligent and friendly, making them an ideal pet for any family. With the right training, they can become loving, even-tempered companions. Whether you’re looking to teach your puppy manners or tackle behavioral issues like aggression and chewing, a professional trainer can help.

A qualified trainer can provide personalized guidance to help you better understand your pup’s behavior and teach them the skills they need to thrive. They will use positive reinforcement methods, like clicker training and reward-based techniques, to gently guide your dog in the right direction. With their help, you can ensure that your pup has the best chance of success in learning how to respond positively in all situations.

Our team members are passionate about helping dogs reach their full potential by teaching them the proper behaviors needed for a long and happy life with their owners. We believe that every dog is capable of learning and deserves to be given the opportunity to do so. Whether it’s teaching obedience commands, correcting undesirable behaviors, or providing socialization training, we are committed to helping you train your pup in a safe and effective manner.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team of professional trainers can help you train your dog! With our assistance, you can unlock your pup’s potential and create an unbreakable bond with them. Let us help you make sure that your pup is happy and healthy for years to come.


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Freak On A Leash Dog trainers are experts in using positive reinforcement techniques. Let us help to bring calm into your chaos.