Perfect Puppy Pics

Corgi/ Border collie mix with toy posing

Border Collie mix booping fingerMany of us have our phones on hand regularly to snap a shot of anything cute our pets could do at any moment! But sometimes the camera comes out, and your pup seems to know exactly how to avoid the shot you’re looking for. So, what do we need to take the perfect puppy picture?

Consider: manners or tricks your dog does well, an exciting treat or a favorite toy, and your equipment!

The Big Picture with Equipment

Your shutter speed matters: trick shots may be more difficult without higher level phone cameras or professional photography equipment. Don’t worry though, your iPhone likely has the Live Photo feature you can edit for the perfect shot and android phones nowadays frequently offer a similar function.

Sit, Stay, Action!

For a posed picture, Stay is essential! But candid shots and poses alike, the most important feature for many of our canine companions are those ears! Floppy, pointy, long and hanging or always listening for action, we love to see a happy pup really looking like they’re enjoying themselves! To achieve this, you can use a phone accessory that has a squeaky ball on top, a squeaker behind your back, favorite words (W-A-L-K anyone?), or you can use a treat! Simply pretend to underhand toss a treat in their direction while you snap away! Shake it up and actually toss a treat every so often–you may find some really funny faces.

Want a good action shot? Put your dog in a Sit Stay at a distance and gently toss their favorite toy. Get creative with where you’re aiming! A tall dog can give some magnificent angles while you stand, but a shorter dog may look their best while you crouch!

Professional Pet Photography

Don’t forget–professionals have staff, editing, and very expensive cameras: don’t get down on yourself! Even in a professional studio, it may be 150+ shots to get 20 excellent quality photos! Tons of practice for you and your dog are key! I included some shots from the video as well as some other shots (featuring Ben and Tandy!), lightly edited with only basic iPhone photo software and cropping.

Happy Snapping!

Tristan, Ben, and Tandy

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